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Who We Are

Made in Calgary, we provide raw, holistic nutritionist approved and never HPP’d cold-pressed juice.

We strive to improve the everyday health of our community by providing convenient access to delicious plant-based nutrition.

Why Juice


There are two types of fibre; soluble and insoluble. Our juice has had the insoluble fibre removed which means your body can spend less time and effort digesting. All of the nutrition will pass through your stomach and will be instantly absorbed by your digestive tract. Get ready for a shot of some serious vitamins and minerals.  

Nutrient Dense

Up to 95% of the vitamins and enzymes we need are found in the juice of fruits and vegetables. So by adding a cold-pressed juice to your daily routine you can ensure you're getting a natural "multivitamin". 


Always on the go? Life can get crazy and healthy convenient food choices aren't always an option. Our bottles of juice are perfect for anyone trying to make a healthy choice. You can pick up a few bottles at our retail location, or from one of our stockist locations that stock their fridge, or order online for home delivery.


Why Cold-Pressed

Cold-pressed refers to the way we extract the juice from the produce. When we use this method the juice isn't exposed to excess heat or oxygen thus retaining the most amount of nutrients possible. This processes also doesn't alter any of the natural enzymes and gives the juice a shelf life.