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Mike Is Back

New Green Juice

The hearty hometown boy Mike has returned! Our farm to bottle juice collaboration with Seed + Soil is back until the end of harvest season. Seed + Soil is a small local farm located just east of Calgary, provides us with fresh local produce that varies from week to week. From this, came the birth of Mike! This juice is our take on the "farm to table" movement. 

At Seed + Soil, organic hop compost (made with our very own vegetable and fruit pulp leftover from juicing) is used to feed their crops including the greens used to juice Mike. Just trying to close the circle one bottle at a time!

At the start of the growing season, the JB fam went out to the seed + soil farm to help transplant a variety of seedlings. Fast forward toward near the end of the season, after many storms, and a few unbearably hot days, and we received the first harvest of organic dark leaf ruffled kale, and silverado swiss chard. As the rest of harvest season rolls on we may receive some different produce from seed + soil - the Mike blend is ever-changing.

Mike’s current ingredients are:

  • Organic dark leaf ruffled kale from seed + soil (Benefits include anti-aging, antioxidants, extremely high in vitamin C)
  • Organic Silverado Swiss chard from seed + soil (Benefits: Helps to lower blood pressure, helps manage diabetes, great source of vitamin K) 
  • Cucumber
  • Pineapple
  • Lime 
  • Oranges

Come try a bottle while he's in here! As Mike's blend changes, we will update you all. Stay tuned!

Fun Fact: Mike is named after the founder and head farmer at Seed + Soil