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The Superfood Myth

There is a lot of buzz surrounds the word “superfood,” but easily as many as questions. What is a superfood? Why is it super? Do I need to include these in my diet for good health? How do I get my hands on them?

Superfoods are seen as nutrient dense foods that provide more benefits for health, when compared to other foods. There is no definitive scientific definition for this term, so that leaves it up to interpretation.This category contains mostly fruits and vegetables, and other legumes, seeds and grains that are not regularly part of an everyday diet or lifestyle.
When labeling a food a 'super' it is lab tested to determine what its crude contents are. This is important to predict how the human body will react to the substance. It is however important to consider the conditions of testing. For example, at what concentration the food is being tested? How high of a dose can the human body process before it becomes waste? What benefits do these foods offer that others don't?

Superfoods are made out to be superior to other foods but the truth is that good health starts with consuming good food. Nutrient quality is important when looking at energy production. If the body is receiving the same nutrient from several separate sources, it still boils down to your body receiving this nutrient in some form or another. The addition of superfoods is arguably one way to achieve sufficient nutrient and vitamin levels.Leading a lifestyle that includes nutrients from a diverse type of foods is still fulfilled in terms of energy and nutrients.The best way to achieve health benefits from superfoods is the inclusion of these foods into your daily life. It's believed that the more nutritious, balanced and varied a diet can create lasting energy and health. Including a lot of fruits and vegetables, proteins and water can provide essential energy without the addition of superfoods.

The truth is that superfoods can be a variety of foods, not just the obscure ones. Foods that we enjoy regularly could be considered super as well. Take for instance the antioxidant content in blueberries, the iron in kale, boosted calcium in broccoli or omegas from fish like salmon or tuna.
Considering what you eat is important, making informed choices when it comes to your health is all we can do to take care of our bodies. Know what food you are eating and what it can do for you.