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Why Cleanse with a Guide?
Cleansing is serious business! Our body takes care of the daily functions and can eventually feel tweaked, tired, and overworked. A cleanse allows your gut to rest. Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables enables the body to absorb and break down nutrients more easily. While the body rests it gives you time to focus on yourself.

To experience a cleanse on all levels: mind, body, and spirit we believe in being well prepared and educated prior to jumping in full-swing. For this purpose, Juice Because has curated a guide to supplement your cleanse. Our cleanse guide contains wholesome nutritional information, tips and recommendations while cleansing from our holistic nutritionist.


Cleansing shouldn’t be dreadful!

It shouldn’t be something you must “endure” for your health, it is, in fact enjoyable and can prove to be a time of wonderful rest and rejuvenation for yourself. All of this free time can allow you to listen to the messages your body is sending you. Cleansing should definitely allow you some “me-time” – our holistic approach to juice cleansing should ideally include some time for reflection, rest, meditation, and maybe some light exercise to assist in flushing the system. While cleansing you often realize how much time and thought we should put into preparing food everyday, how our bodies react, and what our bodies really require to function.

One of the beauties of cleansing is not only the wonderful time it creates in your body while it’s resting, but also the free time it creates in your mind for self-reflection. More on what to expect while cleansing, when to cleanse, our pre-cleanse routine, a reflection guide for during the cleanse, and even post-cleanse meal ideas is included in our cleanse guide.
Being informed is one of the ways to help ensure your juice cleansing goes as smoothly as possible.