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Why We Started Juice Because

We often get asked why we decided to open a cold-pressed juice shop in Calgary, and the answer is pretty simple: at the time, it was a product that wasn’t offered in the city, a product we wanted for ourselves, so we decided to create it! Well, if I’m being honest, that’s actually only part of the reason for me.

While working my 9-5 I was constantly finding other projects to fill my time. From mobile spray tans to selling jewelry, I was seeking something more than what I had Monday to Friday. I just wasn’t content with my current job and was seeking more fulfillment. At the time, I was juicing at home and not having very much success. I knew the benefits of juicing but felt discouraged by the cost, time, and wasted produce from my at-home juicer. One day I was scrolling through my Instagram when I saw a girlfriend in Vancouver starting her 3-day juice cleanse. I instantly googled “cold-pressed juice shop in Calgary” to find a local option. Zero links. Then a lightbulb went off: why don’t I start my own juice shop?! I don’t know why this idea stuck or why I thought I could do it. After all, I had never started a company before and I already had a full-time job working for a really great company with amazing people. But it stuck. It was like a light had turned on and I couldn’t turn it off.

The last part of the equation came when I started envisioning what my future could look like if I had my own little juice shop. You could call it a “quarter life crisis," but I started to see my life and imagined being my own boss, setting my own schedule, creating something I truly care about and maybe just maybe, that elusive work life balance could become a real thing. I knew that sometime in the near future I wanted to start a family and being a bad-a** mom was top priority. I believed by forging my own path I would be able to create the lifestyle I wanted. This dream world I had envisioned started to consume my every thought, so much so it was keeping me up at night. That's when I knew I had to act on it. 

So there you have it. Juice Because was born out of the desire to create and share a healthy product, to find true fulfillment with my career choice, and to design my own future - and hopefully be the most bad a** mom to my little Emi. It's these same reasons that fuel most of our business decisions today, and although things may change tomorrow these values help keep our roots strong. 

- E