You're Half-way Through Day 1!

You've already taken the first steps to creating/continuing a healthy lifestyle. You've ordered, received and are half way through your first day of the JB Cleanse 9.0. Make sure to be drinking lots of water and herbal tea and stay positive! Healthy body & healthy mind.

Don't forget at about 5:00 pm to enjoy a delicious live, whole, natural, and good quality dinner. We love veggie, legume, and bean infused salads, fruit and veggie smoothies or a veggie (dairy free) soup! If you are looking for a bit of dinner-time inspiration, we're big fans of Calgary's own food blogger  - she has tons of amazing vegan, vegetarian, whole-food recipes that make our mouths water. Don't forget to share with us what you've served up via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #JBFAM

If you're not into preparing any meals JB works with some amazing local companies that offer healthy on the go meal options! Be sure to check out:

  • Ten Foot Henry
  • Our Daily Brett

All of their websites can be found here on our locations page.

You are giving your body much needed rest and it will thank you for it. Be sure to get a good sleep tonight and enjoy day 2 tomorrow! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.